out3Here at Camelot Kids we believe outside play is a very important part of the children’s day and part of their learning. It provides safe and supervised opportunities for children to experience new challenges, assess risk and develop the skills to manage difficult situations. This also helps develop harmonious relationships with others, through negotiation, taking turns and cooperation.

out4We have a lovely garden that can be used in all weathers. We also have some all in one waterproofs that we can put on the children so they can still enjoy the fresh air and physical play in the rain. We have a trike track, slide, mud kitchen and sand pit in the garden. We are also lucky enough to have a growing area where we can plant vegetables or flowers and look after them and help them grow. Then we also get to try some of the vegetables we grow. Our garden is also equipped with a shaded area for sunny days and chalk boards so the children can do mark making while in the garden. We are also able to go for short walks with the children so they can see and explore the local community. Some of these walks include a trip to see the animals at the farm just down the lane near to us.